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The Kitchen in any house is very important, this is where you can really get a feel of Luxury and make an Impression. Here at Wrekin Eco Homes we make it simple by using one of the UK’s Premium High Street Manufacturer and Suppliers of Kitchen’s Magnet. This will give you a confidence in the Quality allowing you to to choose your Kitchen with ease and if the Budget allows, upgrade to one of our Amazing High Gloss Astral Kitchens.

The Kitchen Range included with all Homes will make an outstanding impression to you guests when they come around to visit. The Oak Finish Geneva draws you in to a Warm Shaker-Inspired Cottage look or you could have the Leighton Cream Gloss giving you the modern clean lines and quality feel. Both will come with Hot Point Integrated Appliances to set of this high quality you are looking for.

If the Budget does allow for something a little different then look no further than the Ultra Modern Astral High Gloss finish in a number of Colours with a metallic look acrylic surface that is remarkably durable. The Colours available will be Grey, Blue or White all on the Magnet Web Site.

Triple Glazing

Windows!! The biggest escape point for any home's warmth. Double Glazing is in all new builds but here we wanted more and Triple Glazing is the Future to keeping your heat in and drafts out. Not only that Triple Glazing will improve Sound Insulation and Security, making your living space take you away from the stresses of life.

Under Floor Heating

Underfloor heating has always been an item for high end luxury houses, but here we have included it in our Wenlock Properties. The system we use will be a hot water system with pipes running through your floor making the floor your radiator and radiating the heat much more efficiently than any radiator system. This will not only improve the rooms warmth it will free up wall space and make you living space so much more flexible. Programable zones will allow you to keep areas warm only when needed and allow holiday modes to greet you with a warm home on return.

Bristan - Makes life easier

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