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Renewable Energy

Here at Wrekin Eco Homes, Renewable Energy is the way forward for all levels of house building and should bring down everyones living costs down not just the ones who can afford the big outlay.! We are using our purchasing power to drive down the costs of Solar Energy while still returning you the Financial Advantage.

Solar Panels

Solar panels utilise the power of the sun, allowing you to take advantage of a renewable source of electricity which is kind to the environment. Solar PV is also an eligible technology under the Government's Feed-In Tariff scheme, meaning you can make a return on your investment and potentially profit from any surplus energy you export to the power grid.!

Weather Compensator

This simple addition to your house will correct your heating and hot water demand depending on the weather by stopping the hot water when not needed. Essential for those extra hot days or extra cold moments.


Using high efficient extraction also saves you money in extracting the heat when needed and using the natural air leakage when you want to save your heat i.e. not throwing it away in the winter.

High Efficient Boiler

We optimise all elements of your New Eco Home by keeping the heat in your house so not waisting it though the walls. However living in the UK with our varied climate you will need heating and here we have invested in a Highly Efficient Baxi Duo Tec Combi Boiler to use the least amount of Gas possible. So combined the most efficient boiler with the excellent Insulation properties we have installed, we save you the most.


Insulation is always forgotten as it hides away in the walls and floors. Here we always prioritise the insulation above all else, as keeping the heat you have paid for saves you those extra pennies. Insulation starts right at the beginning of the build.

  1. Under your floor we have used the New XT System from Lite Cast Floors Cast Floors
  2. In the walls we have used a system call Platinum Eco Bead that is Blown into every nook and cranny of the walls Eco Bead
  3. Over the windows we have used an award winning Thermal Lintel http://keystonelintels.comThermal Lintel
  4. Extra Internal 50 mm Insulated Plaster Board for your main Living Space Plaster Board